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Cahier Des Charges Codes

by trishnee-munusami





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  • HARMONY Cahier des Charge CODES CODE 1. General Specifications All building plans have to be approved by the Syndic/ Management Company (MC). The procedures and a list of documents required for clearance of plans will be provided by the Syndic or MC. Procedure for approval may be modified as required at the discretion of the Syndic or MC. Plots walls and other boundaries built by the developer should not in any way be modified without prior permission from the Syndic/ MC. A refuse area is provided for each Plot and should not in any way be modified without prior permission from the Syndic/ MC. Recycling of glass, plastic, paper and green refuse will be organized by the Syndic/ MC. No more than one residential unit will be allowed on each Plot. If one owner buys two or more contiguous Plots, the building location and design must be first approved by the Syndic/ MC. Any proposed building design must ensure that the location, scale and mass of building are consistent with adjoining plots/ buildings and not unduly large, obtrusive or unneighbourly. No further subdivision (“parcelling”) of plots will be allowed. CODE 2. Roof Types and Slopes The minimum slope for any roof is 18 degrees and the maximum is 33 degrees. CODE 3. Roof Materials and Colours Simple pitched roofs are mandatory to at least 80% of the building footprint measured on roof plan. The range of colours below identifies an acceptable “earth tone” palette to choose from incorporating a light colour wall capped with a darker colour roof. Brand Reference R o o fi n g Profilage Terre de Volcan 8102 Terre du Sud 1207 Beige Siam RAL1019 Bleu D'Orage RAL5014 Colorbond Simpson Red Cotta Sand Woodland Grey Pigeon Blue Ex te ri o r p ai n ti n g Permoglaze Ivory
  • Coque D'Ouef Off White Broken White Pale Cream Arabian Sand Fiesta Cream Bermuda Beach Jasmine Pale Daffodil Sofap Pegasus 8765-1 Warm Sand 8758-1 Oak Buff 9038-1 Southern Breeze 8744-1 Beachcomber 8751-1 Golden Wheat 8142-1 Mushroom Cream 9759-1 Sand Bar 8766-1 Honey Butter 8144-1 Whilst it is recognised that over time material choices available will vary slightly, the palette of earth tone colours identified must be complied with as closely as possible. CODE 4. Towers in Harmony A select number of lots will be allowed to construct a 3 storey tower up to 11.0m high and of maximum 3.8m width. The design for all towers must first be submitted to the Harmony Syndic/ MC for review and approval prior to any construction. CODE 5. Building Heights Two storey buildings must not exceed a total height of 6.5m to eaves and 9m to roof ridge. Select plots also have the opportunity for an optional three story tower up to 3.80 meters square (150 sq m) and up to 11m high. Single storey homes may have taller walls up to 4.50 meters maximum for the main home. Wings and porch extensions should be limited to 3.50 meters to retain the visual importance (massing) of the main living space inside and out. Any future proposed additional floors to be added to a 4.5m high single storey building would require the resultant two storeys building to be no higher than 6.5m to eaves and 9m to roof ridge. CODE 6. Building Lines and Lot coverage
  • Depending on the plot size, Harmony plots provide for 3 to 4 metre building setbacks all around, allowing ample light and air circulation, while providing for between 30% and 40% lot coverage for the ground floor of the building. All homes are required to front no less than 50% of the front building line. CODE 7. Garages, Storage Buildings, and “Home Offices” A special option built in the master plan and available to everyone, is the ability to build a garage, storage shed, or “home office” * in a portion of the side yard setback (Garage Encroachment Area) right to the property line. * Definition of Home Office  A small scale enterprise/ office activity that is carried out in the home without modification of the dwelling and provided the following criteria are satisfied:  Daily vehicle movement to the site are limited  There is no adverse external nuisance by way of noise, dust, fumes etc  Loading and unloading is not disruptive to the residential amenity of Harmony  The operator of the enterprise/ office resides on the premises  Adequate on lot parking is available  All materials can be safely and unobtrusively stored on site In summary, the nature and character of the property must remain residential. Reference: The Building and Land Use Permit Guide One or two walls of a one storey out-building can be built centred (maximum 0.3 metre wide wall) on the property line within the planned Garage Encroachment Area designated on each plot. The exterior walls of the building now become part of the perimeter privacy walls. The wall surface that faces the neighbouring lot becomes part of the neighbour’s privacy wall. Buildings that touch one wall should have a gable roof that slopes into the owner’s lot channelling all rainwater appropriately within the owner’s property and not into the neighbours. The gable roof may not extend beyond the property line or overhang neighbouring plots. Buildings that touch two walls should have a shed roof that slopes into the owner’s lot channelling all rainwater appropriately within the owner’s property and not into neighbouring plots. An out-building may also be semi-attached to the main home and still be able to be built within the Garage Encroachment Area. The restrictions of use (garage, household storage, or home office) apply to any area of an out building built within the Garage Encroachment Area regardless of whether it is attached or detached from the main home. The maximum length of any building facade within the Garage Encroachment Area and fronting adjoining plots or public space must not exceed 10m. CODE 8. On Lot Parking and Access to Site No permanent street parking is admissible unless approved by the Syndic/ MC.
  • Minimum provision must be made for no less than 2 cars per individual plot. No alteration is to be made to the individual plot access laid out by the developer without the prior approval of the Syndic/ MC. CODE 9. Lot Enclosure and Boundary Treatments Along public roads low walls are provided. A fence erected upon the wall shall comply with the design codes within the Cahier des Charges and should not exceed an average height of 1.8m. The combination of wall/ fence and hedges/ planting is preferred. For side and rear boundaries walls should not exceed 2m except where they are an integral part of an outbuilding/ garage in compliance with CODE 7. CODE 10. Services A service hub is provided for each lot by the developer. No pipe work should be visible on external walls - plans should clearly show internal ducts as necessary. Solar water heaters are recommended and can be fixed either on the plane of the pitched roof with the water tank hidden, discreetly located on flat roofs, or at ground level within an enclosed courtyard. Electricity and Telephone: all reticulation to be underground Television aerial and satellite dishes to be discreet and unobtrusive. Gas bottles must not be visible. They must either be concealed within a service court, an enclosed cupboard or similar. Simple pitched roofs are mandatory. No more than 20% of the building footprint measured on roof plan may be flat roof. The flat roof areas must occupy the least visible areas of the lot and should be used to discreetly accommodate such items as water tanks, solar water heaters, aerials, satellite dishes etc. CODE 11. Obligations of the Owners The plot is to be maintained, kept clean and clear at all times if not built upon. The Harmony Syndic/ MC will maintain the lots if not done by the owner, at the owners cost and such costs duly added to those payable by the owner to the Syndic/ MC. All information contained herein is not of a contractual nature, but is for indicative purposes only and, may, if deemed appropriate, be modified by the promoter.
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