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Je suis charlie

by expost-magazine





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Cartoons from all over the world for Charlie Hebdo – Expost Magazine special edition
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  • I F Y O U A R E R E A D I N G T H I S I S B E C A U S E O F F R E E D O M O F P R E S S A N D E X P R E S S I O N In memory of: Stephane Charbonnier, Charb, cartoonist and editor in chief Georges Wolinski, cartoonist Jean Cabut, Cabu, cartoonist Bernard Verlhac, Tignous, cartoonist Philippe Honoré, cartoonist Mustapha Ourrad, proofreader Bernard Maris, economist and columnist Elsa Cayat, psychologist and journalist Michel Renaud, former counselor of Clermont-Ferrand’s mayor Fréderic Boisseau, janitor Franck Brinsolaro, policeman Ahmed Merabet, policeman
  • “We heard bursts and explosions. Then very quickly the door was opened and a man came in. He was tall and dressed in black, he looked like a policeman. But he was holding a kalashnikov, or something like that, something heavy and big, like a weapon of war. He opened fire, he shot for a long a time. And then a big silence. I thought he had killed them all. He went back and I suddenly heard him talking in french with someone else. I understood there were at least two men, but I couldn’t see the other one, I never saw him. I heard them say something to a woman, then I understood that someone else was alive. They said: We don’t kill women, or something like that”. Laurent Léger Journalist, Charlie Hebdo survivor of the massacre on January 7, 2015
  • illustration by D O A A E L A D L
  • illustration by T I T W A N E
  • illustration by I X È N E “Guerra assimetrica”
  • TAHE CHARLIE HEBDO‘S NEWSROOM , a satirical magazine from Paris, was attacked at 11:20 am on january 7, 2015. Two men, with black ski-mask, war uniform, AK-47 Kalashnikov and pump-action gun, entered in the magazine‘s building. A mailman was present at the moment: “I was inside the building, in the hallway. I saw two men with ski masks and weapons, they were looking for the editor‘s office. They were shooting warning shots to scare us. They wanted to know where the entrance was, but I was able to run away”. Terrorists forced a janitor to tell them that the newsroom was at second floor. Then they didn‘t need him anymore, so they killed him. He‘s the first victim of the “Charlie Hebdo massacre”. Newsroom Charlie Hebdo’’’ Paris, january 7, 2015 illustration by S A T I S H A C H A R Y A read online
  • The two armed men go upstairs to the second floor, they run into illustrator Corinne Rey “Coco”: I had just gone to kindergarten to pick up my daughter. I was in front of the door with her, two armed and hooded men brutally threatened us. They wanted to enter and go upstairs. I opened the door with the code” she told. At the time, was happening the meeting with the staff. It was not an haphazard time. Were sitting around the table: director Stephane Charbonnier, “Charb”, his bodyguard Franck Brinsolare, who had being protecting Charb since 2006, Georges Wolinski, Jean Cabut alias Cabu Bernard Maris alias Tignous, Philippe Honoré, the economist and columnist Bernard Maris, the proofreader Moustapha Ourrad. Were also present Elsa Cayat, psychologist and journalist, and Michel Renaud, former counselor of Clermont‘s mayor. Within the editorial staff, the director‘s bodyguard was the first one who died. They killed him with many gunshots. He didn‘t have time to react. Right after him, it was Charb‘s turn. He was the main objective. The terrorists maybe asked the journalists to tell their names, so they could be sure: they had their targets. “They shot at Wolinski and Cabu. It lasted for five minutes. I was hiding under the table. They spoke perfectly french: they announced they belonged to Al Qaeda” - Coco describes. They achieved their target, so the terrorists went out in the street. They ran towards a black Citroen, where a third man was waiting for them, ready to run away. In this same building are located the offices of the agency “Premieres Lignes”, and the journalists who worked there were hiding on the roof. Using their smartphones, they filmed the attackers in the street, who were running, shooting and screaming “Allah Akbar!”. The terrorists ran away with the car, driving down Boulevard Richard Lenoir and Alléè Verte, where they ran into a police car. They opened fire and the police reacted. To escape, the attackers made a U-turn, but a few moments later they ran into another Charlie Hebdo Satirical Magazine foundend in 1970, in Paris. On 2011, the newsroom was attacked with a molotv bomb for the issue Sharia Hebdo
  • illustration by E L I S A F E R R O
  • police car. They opened fire on this too. Shouting “Allah Akbar”, were just getting in the car, but a police officer riding a bike was getting closer. They shot him, and he fell down on the ground. One of the two murderers walks to him. The wounded police man isn‘t moving. He turns slightly and lifts an arm, to protect himself or to plead for his life. He is gunned down with a shot on his head. His name was Ahmed Merabet, 42 years old, he worked at the police station, in the XI arrondissement in Paris. illustration by R O D H O “I make cartoon for the press!”
  • I’m Charlie I’m Ahmed
  • illustration by J O E P B E R T R A M S
  • D MMARTIN, FRANCE. Brothers Kouachi, Said and Cherif, responsible for the massacre, barricaded themselves in a plant of a firm. This is located in a small village with 8 thousand citizens, 40 km to the north-east of Paris. They‘ve been killed by the special forces raid. A man inside the building, was hiding inside a large carton. He was the one who called the police and informed about the location of two terrorists. illustration by M A N E L January 9, 2015
  • illustration by T O M M Y I N PARIS. The officers burst into the jewish supermarket, where Amedy Coulibaly had barricaded himself. Coulibaly had killed a police woman in Montrouge yesterday, and today he kidnapped six people inside the shop, including a six months-old baby. He was killed. During the special forces procedure, four hostages were killed and four police officers were wounded. Hayat Boumeddiene, his accomplice, 25 years old, probably escaped from France before the attack at Charlie Hebdo. “Oh no... Non loro...”
  • 2 MILIONS PEOPLE. According to Le Monde, at least 2 million people marched from place de la République to place de la Nation during the afternoon. The organizers said that 1,3-1,5 million people would have been there. According to the officers of the french government, quoted by Associated Press, this has been “the greatest demonstration in the history of France”. January 9, 2015
  • illustration by K R I S T I A N
  • “Where is Charlie? Is everywhere!”
  • illustration by B A U D R Y “I’m Charlie. Sunday January 11, 2015””
  • In memory of Charlie Hebdo by Le Canard Enchainé
  • “Was Charlie!””
  • “When I click on our website, there’s a redirect on Charlie’s website!”
  • C HARLIE HEBDO starts over, from the eighth floor of “Libération”, and in the great “hublot”, where usually it takes place the meeting with the editorial staff. The “after the massacre issue” will be published on January 14th . Three millions copies will be published, so we won‘t stop saying “We all are Charlie”.January 14, 2015 Charlie Hebdo “All Is Forgiven”
  • CHARLIE IS NOT DEAD Paint a glorious Mohammed, you die. Draw a funny Mohammed, you die. Scribble a despicable Mohammed, you die. Produce a shitty movie about Mohammed, you die. Resist religious terror, you die. Lick the fundamentalists’ asses, you die. Take a close-minded person for an idiot, you die. Try to debate with a close-minded person, you die. There’s nothing to negotiate with fascists. The freedom to laugh without restraint – the law gave it already, and systematic violence give it to us even more. Thanks, you bunch of assholes. CHARB CHARLIE HEBDO, 2012
  • J E S U I S C H A R L I E E X P O S T M A G A Z I N E N U M E R O S P E C I A L E B y A M Y B U R V A L L D O A A E L A D L I X È N E T I T W A N E S A T I S H A C H A R Y A J O E P B E R T R A M S T O M M Y E L I S A F E R R O R O D H O M A N E L K R I S T I A N B A U D R Y * E D I T I N G co-editors Martino Galliolo ( founder), Arturo Di Corinto, Federico Guerrini Infographics and Data viz by Cristina Da Rold, translation by Beatrice Gallo Expost magazine by freelance, based in Europe. made in Venice, Italy Je Suis Charlie, free publication, licensed in Creative commons 3.0. For copyright reasons, images and illustrations are all rights reserved. Contact: [email protected]
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