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Retour d’expérience sur Couchbase par James Nocentini

by cocoaheads-france





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  • Couchbase Mobile for iOS
  • Switching from Core Data to Couchbase Lite Tech Talk and Q&As: Tuesday 17th, February 2015 or reach out on
  • What is the business problem?
  • Traditional 3-tier architecture 1. The data tier is often a lower priority than the UI & Logic tier 2. Developing the data tier on devices (w/ Core Data) as well as on the server is time and resource consuming
  • Couchbase Mobile
  • ©2014 Couchbase Inc. Couchbase Mobile 6 Couchbase Lite On-device, lightweight, native embedded JSON database Sync Gateway Synchronize on-device Couchbase Lite with Couchbase Server in the cloud Couchbase Server High performance, scalable, always-on JSON database in the cloud
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  • Recap • Couchbase Lite lets you prototype your apps very quickly with data on your local device. • Write less data modelling and server side code. • Unlike solutions like Parse or Firebase, you keep the maximum flexibility when you need it.
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