Course code:MST-315 Bangladesh. To know about collective bargaining performance its precondition and practices. To know about collective bargaining in Bangladesh. To analyze some related issues in collective Abstract Collective bargaining agent in relation to an establishment or group of establishment means the trade union or federation of trade unions which under chapter XIII is the agent of the workers in the establishment or as the ease may be, in the group of establishment in the matter of collective bargaining. It is very indispensible for establishing the rights of the workers. The performance of CBA is very much important. Bargaining always takes place between labor and management, but negotiations can include more than one group of workers and more than one employer. Many different negotiation styles can be used when union and labor representatives sit down at the bargaining table. A blending of the traditional and partnership styles is widely used in labor-management negotiations. Labor unions were formed to help workers achieve common goals in the areas of wages, hours, working conditions, and job security. Different collective bargaining issues are wages, hours, working condition and job security. Collective bargaining is a successful way for workers to reach their goals concerning accept able wages, hours, and working conditions. Sometimes disagreements of collective bargaining contract implementation can arise and violations of the contract terms can occur. In these cases, a grievance, or complaint, can be filed. Major findings Collective bargaining y a method to resolve the BASIS OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING IN BANGLADESH y Presence in industrial society y Investment y Profit y Power problem of wages and conditions of employment peacefully and voluntarily between labour and management Aspects of Collective Bargaining y (i) parties to collective Purpose of collective bargaining y to harmonize labour relations y to promote industrial peace bargaining; y (ii) subject matter of collective bargaining; and y (iii) objects of collective bargaining An analysis on some related issues in collective bargaining Wages y Regular Compensation y Overtime Compensation y Incentives y Insurance y Pensions Hours y Regular Work Hours y Overtime Work Hours y Vacations y Holidays An analysis on some related issues in collective bargaining Working Conditions y Rest Periods y Grievance Procedures y Union Membership y Dues Collection Job Security y Seniority y Evaluation y Promotion y Layoffs y Recalls PRE-REQUISITES OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING y (a) strong independent and well organized unions,15 y (b) recognition of the union as the bargaining agent,16 y (c) willingness to "Give and Take,"17 y (d) favorable political climate, I8 y (e) mutual trust and good fair ,19 y (f} lit problem solving approach rather than a fire fighting approach. PERFORMANCE AND PRACTICES OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING IN BANGLADESH:- y y y y y y y y y reflection of a particular social and political climate. trade unions controlled by outsiders welfare of workers reluctant to discuss and negotiate industrial matters with outsiders controlled by the politicians affiliated to a particular political party inability of govt. recognition of a bargaining agent has assumed importance Lack of procedure for recognition of a trade-union as bargaining agent Suggestion y verification of free membership method to determine y y y y y the recognized trade union To know the actual members of a particular union Implementation of suitable legislation to recognize trade union by employers Section 22 of the Trade Unions Act, 1926 should be amended provision for political fund to be done away with Pave the way of mutual, amicable and voluntary settlement of labour disputes After describing the collective bargaining in Bangladesh we see various types of findings and its recommendation. We describe various issues of collective bargaining like wages, hours, working condition and job security of the worker given by the employer. We understand in which process the settlement will exists between employer and worker. In Bangladesh the performance and practices of collective bargaining will also discussed by which we focused its impact and evaluation in respect to our country. Paul Nirmal Chandra, The Bangladesh Labour Code,2006, & Other Related Laws, 1st March,2009, SHAMS PUBLICATION. Davey, Harold W. (1972). Contemporary Collective Bargaining. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Miernyk, William H. (1965). The Economics of Labor and Collective Bargaining. Boston: Heath. Voos, Paula B., ed. (1994). Contemporary Collective Bargaining in the Private Sector. Madison, WI: Industrial Relations Research Association.

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Course code:MST-315 Bangladesh. To know about collective bargaining performance its precondition and practices. To know about collective bargaining in Bangladesh. To analyze…


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