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through improved control of its energyuse.J.M. Schneider Inc., a meat productsproducer, will be monitoring electricity,gas, steam and water usage through-out its Kitchener plant. The system willalso monitor and control critical tem-peratures in Schneider's many refriger-ated, processing and storage areas toreduce energy waste through overcool-ing. The system, with almost 200measurement and control points, willcost $510,000.Dairy Pro(lucts tolie'Addedto Import Control List;>C.-' ;'!c>'The federal government is takingsteps to add certain dairy products tothe Import Control List in support of theCanadian milk supply management pro-gram, Agriculture Minister John Wise,International Trade Minister Pat Carney,and Minister of State for AgriculturePierre Blais announced recently. Importcontrols already exist on a broad rangeof dairy products. These controls havebeen established in support of actiontaken by Canada under the AgriculturalStabilization Act and the CanadianDairy Commission Act.To ensure continuing effective ope-ration of the measures taken underthese Acts, the following products willbe added to the Import Control List: icecream, ice cream novelties and icecream mix; ice milk and ice milk mix;yogurt; and liquid forms of skim milk,buttermilk, and blends of theseproducts. Import controls already existwith respect to imports of dry skimmilk, dry buttermilk, and blends ofthese products. While the value of theimported products being added to thelist is relatively small - currently lessthan $1 million per year - futureimports could undermine the Canadiandairy supply management program ifnot restricted.Article XI of the General Agreementon Tariffs and Trade (GATT) makes pro-vision for countries to restrict certainagricultural product imports in supportof domestic supply management pro-grams, provided that appropriate importlevels are maintained, relative todomestic production. Steps have beentaken to inform Canada's trading part-ners of the changes to the Import Con-trol List that will take effect in the nearfuture. The domestic industry will alsobe provided shortly with details of theadministration of the new controls,including the level of import quotas.128 / lAF,bod Res'idue lVIohitoring,\tobe .,ExpanC:ted: , ',., ",' 'o"-h -;.


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