Lascia Ch'Io Pianga - Handel

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Lascia chio pianga (Rinaldo) Handel Page 1 of 1Lascia ch'io piangaAlmirena's aria from the opera RinaldoText by Giacomo Rossi and Aaron Hill after Torquato Tasso's (1544-1595) Gerusalemme liberataSet by George F. Handel (1685-1759)Recitative 1Armida dispietata! Colla forza d'abisso Armida crule! With-a force of-hellrapimmi al caro ciel di miei contenti, capture-me from-the dear heaven of my happiness,e qui con duolo eterno viva mi tieni and here in sadness eternal alive me holdsin tormentoso inferno. in tormenting hell.Signor! Ah! per piet lasciami piangere. Lord! Ah! out-of pity let-me cry.AriaLascia ch'io pianga mia cruda sorte, Allow that-I weep-over my cruel fate,e che sospiri la libert. and that I-may-sigh-for [the] freedom.Il duolo infranga queste ritorte de' miei martiri, (Let-my) sadness shatter these chains of my suffering,sol per piet. (if)-only out-of pity.(Literal translation and IPA transcription by Bard SuverkropIPA Source, LLC)1 Almirena's recitative to this aria is taken from a larger dialog with Artante.