Unité 1. Give an appropriate response Bonjour! Bonjour (Mme) Salut.

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Page 1 Unit 1 Page 2 Give an appropriate response Page 3 Bonjour! Bonjour (Mme) Salut Page 4 Comment vas-tu? Bien, merci. Trs bien, merci. Page 5 a va? Oui, a va. Page 6 Tu tappelles comment? Je mappelle _____ Page 7 Je te prsente Claire. Bonjour, Claire. Page 8 Elle sappelle Claire? Oui, elle sappelle Claire. C-L-A-I-R-E Page 9 Au revoir. Ciao! Salut! Bye! A bientt! Page 10 Give the number Page 11 14 quatorze Page 12 20 vingt Page 13 3 trois Page 14 17 dix-sept Page 15 6 six Page 16 19 dix-neuf Page 17 8 huit Page 18 0 zro Page 19 15 quinze Page 20 4 quatre Page 21 Culture Page 22 When you meet a person, what do you do? Shake (once) their hand. Page 23 What do we call the kiss on each cheek friends give each other? la bise Page 24 Where do French lyce students like to meet? la cour Page 25 Would you use familiar words like salut and a va with an older person? no Page 26 Where do names like Meunier and Dumont come from? professions or where people were from (Dumont=from the mountain) Page 27 What do French Canadians do with names? Hand them down from grandfather to father to son Page 28 In Africa, what is the tradition with names? To be named for a place or for a day of the week


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