Update on model developments: Meteo-France NWP model / clouds and turbulence

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Jean-Marcel Piriou Centre National de Recherches Mtorologiques Groupe de Modlisation pour lAssimilation et la Prvision. Update on model developments: Meteo-France NWP model / clouds and turbulence. CLOUDNET Workshop / Utrecht 21-22/10/2002. Global ARPEGE Aquaplanet mode. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Update on model developments: Meteo-France NWP model / clouds and turbulenceCLOUDNET Workshop / Utrecht 21-22/10/2002Jean-Marcel PiriouCentre National de Recherches MtorologiquesGroupe de Modlisation pour lAssimilation et la PrvisionPHYSICSGlobal ARPEGEAquaplanet modeSCM ARPEGE (EUROCS, GATE, TOGA,BOMEX, ARM, )LAM ALADIN / coupled / 10 kmGlobal stretched ARPEGE / 4DVAR-ass. / 20 to 200 kmGlobal regular ARPEGE / 4DVAR-ass. / 66 kmPresent operational schemesUnder progressRadiationGeleyn and Hollingsworth (1979), Ritter and Geleyn (1992)More accurate infra-red exchanges between surface and layersGrid-scale cloud schemeDiagnostic in ql/i, all supersaturation removed, liquid/ice condensation T, melting/ freezing/ evaporation/ Kessler (1979), Clough and Franks (1991)Prognostic ql/i, qr/sSubgrid-scale cloud scheme (convection)mass-flux scheme, CISK-type closure and triggering, watervapour budget using a Kuo-type closure, downdrafts, momentum fluxModified trigger functions (TKE, CIN)Turbulence1st order closure scheme after Louis (1979), Louis and al. (1981), using a flux-gradient K-theory with Ri dependency, variable roughness lengths over sea (Charnock)PrognosticTKE scheme, mixing Betts conservative variables thetal and qt instead of theta and qvPerspectives operational model (GCM 20-200km ARPEGE + LAM 10km ALADIN)March towards new prognostic cloud and turbulence variables: ql/i, qr/s, TKE, w_ud, w_ddEUROCS: 3 transition cases (well posed lateral conditions to compare CRMs to GCMs or LAMs)Model to satellite, data assimilation cycleCLOUDNET: (long time series, detailed profiles) colocated ql/i, qr/s, PBL depth, cloudiness, close TEMP data to provide in-situ validation of new microphysics / turbulencePerspectives 2: a CRM in operations around 2008!...2003: first tests of the existing CRM mso-NH physics in the ALADIN-NH 2.5km dynamical core need for validations within CLOUDNET?First: why do we need to make 1D studies?Modles oprationnels ARPEGE tropiques et ARPEGE Europe gauche, ALADIN en bas droite.Modles recherche 1D et aquaplante en haut droite.


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