How to Use Mobile Phone to Update Facebook Pages

  • Use Mobile to Update Fans:Convenient, Real-Time, AuthenticFebruary 2010
  • 3 easy options to update fans via mobile
  • 1) Email: Save your Page’s email address2) Click “Edit” under Mobile section1) Click “Edit Page” under profile picture3) Save Page’s email address in phone.[Suggestion: save as “Facebook” + Page name ]
  • 1) Email: Upload photo or update statusIf uploading a photo, include photo as attachment anda caption in the email subject line.If updating status,put text in email subject line.
  • Pau Gasol uses email to update fans from his BlackBerry
  • Eva Longoria uses email to post photos via her BlackBerry
  • 2) Facebook for iPhone Application3) Tap “Camera” icon to upload photo or “What’s on your mind?” to update status2) Tap “Pages” on bottom right, then tap on your Page1) Tap “Friends”
  • 2) Facebook for iPhone Application – Add Favorite3) Page is now on Facebook App Home Screen for easy nav1) Tap Top Right Corner of Page2) Tap “Add Favorite”
  • The Rocket Summer using Facebook for iPhone to update fans
  • 3) Text Message: Activate SMS to update Page2) Click “Edit” under Mobile section1) Click “Edit Page” under profile picture3) Click “Sign up for Facebook Text Messages…” and complete flow
  • 3) Text Message ActivationQuick 3-step flow to activate.To update status, send SMS with status update to 32665 in the US (may be different in other countries)Note: one mobile number can be associated with one profile or fan Page.
  • Slash uses Text Message to update 1.4 million fans
  • Optional: Twitter Exporter:
  • Ex: Selena posts on Facebook to her 3.5MM fans and automatically updates her 1.5 MM followers
  • Ex: Eva Longoria posts photos to Facebook and automatically updates followers
  • Power Tip: photos engage and attract new fans“A picture is worth a thousand words” – especially with a global fan base (many do not read English)Photo feels more authenticPhotos are more “viral” – tend to attract more likes and comments, which spreads out to more friends of fans – attracting new fans.E.g., Vin Diesel almost always includes a photo with each post and has 7.4 million fans currently
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How to use mobile to update your fans on Facebook with status updates and photos. For iPhone, use the Facebook for iPhone application. For Blackberry or any device with email,…