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PowerPoint PresentationBranding & the Educational LandscapeMEMES, METRICS + MILESTONESHOW WE PUT STUDENTS FIRSTDanielle Poupore Communications & Marketing SpecialistEmmelie De La Cruz Social Media SpecialistThe single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.George Bernard Shaw Internal communication facilitates external communicationShared goalsShared informationShared PLANNING. STRATEGIC EXECUTION.What do we want to say? Why do we want to say it? Who will hear it?1. What do we want to say?You need to know _____.I want you to _____.What do you think about _____?Can you help me with _____? Thank you.72. Why do we want to say it?To provide valueTo encourage participationTo acquire knowledge & understandingTo request assistanceTo show appreciationTo inspire3. Who will hear it?ColleaguesBossesEmployeesThe PublicSTUDENTSCase Study: random acts of justiceWhat do we want to say? The John Jay College community cares about social justice.Why do we want to say it? To encourage more people to participate in acts of kindness & justice; to cultivate a sense of pride in the community; to draw attention to thegood work our students, faculty & staff are doing in the world.Who will hear it? The John Jay community students, faculty & staff; potential future community members; alumni; donors; general publicconnectingKnow your audience.Know the John Jay Student Affairs voice.JaymieJaymie isFriendlyKnowledgeableResponsiveCheerfulProud to be at John JayFunRespectfulHelpfulApproachableInvolvedArticulateCollege students in 2015 99% of undergraduate students own an internet-capable device.1 92% of these students own at least two devices. 138% use Twitter regularly.230% use Instagram regularly. 286% use Facebook regularly2 *but 25% of 13-17 year-olds left Facebook in 2014.359% of millennials surveyed said they get their news mainly from the internet.431% of all higher ed students have taken at least one course online. 41 THERE IS CHOICE, BRANDING IS NECESSARY.SEMESTER IN REVIEWCurrent EventsFollowers1399 39%815 301%8117 14%Interactions & Engagement20.4K 3468 493%2828 80%WHAT WAS EFFECTIVE?Current EventsCommunity ConversationsStudent StoriesWHAT WE LEARNEDThey want to be inspired, not promoted to.You cant make your audience think its important because its important to you.19COLLEGE IS AN EXPERIENCE73% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they like to keep their academic & social lives separate.11 need to offer something of value to their social lives, not just academic interests.College = Experience20HOW DO WE SUCCEED?Identifying and acknowledging purposeRooted in emotion, truth and valuesDelivering on the brand promiseShowcasing the brand personalityThriving in your nichePROVIDING SUPPORTMonthly Strategy Check-InRelationship with Marketing and DevelopmentContent CreationProfessional DevelopmentLOOKING FORWARDBuilding a brand rooted in social justice